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Buoni d'Aquisto

Voucher prices 2016

The 2016 prices will be posted on July 1st 2016.
Vouchers can be ordered starting on this date.

Mug beer€ 9,45 (Total price € 10,40 incl. € 0,95 service fee)
1/2 chicken€ 9,70(Total price € 10,70 incl. € 1,00 service fee)
Consumption vouchers€ 15,00

All prices incl. VAT, excl. service fee.
Service fee with beer (€ 0,95) and chicken (€ 1,00) will be charged separately and is due directly during service.

Vouchers are available in the city office from Aug. 30th through Sept. 14th 2016, and from Sept. 17th 2016 only in the Augustiner marquee.
No shipping service.

Opening hours city office
Aug. 30th - Sept. 14th 2016:
Tuesday     10am - 3pm
Wednesday     9am - 1pm
Thursday  10am - 3pm

No sales outside this hours.
Please note that only cash is accepted!
(no EC Card, no credit cards, no cheques)

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